Md Faruk Khan | SEO Professional, Trainer & Freelancer in Bangladesh

Hello there, I’m Md Faruk Khan, an Entrepreneur, a SEO expert, Local SEO and SEO trainer, Freelancing Workshop Mentor and Affiliate Marketer. I’m specialized in white hat SEO techniques. I’m a master of keyword research, link-building, on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing, Google Search Console & Analytics and advanced SEO strategies.

Currently I’m working in BITM as a Senior Trainer of Affiliate Marketing & SEO. Beside I’ve mentored a number of workshop and training on Freelancing and Outsourcing. You can ask my freelance consultation for Affiliate Site and Small Business.

I can help to catch your dream. If you had the beginners knowledge by now and ready to fly on the sky of SEO- you are on the track. If you want my organic Search Boost Up secret and update you with most recent trend of SEO.

In December 2013, he began his freelance career as a Local SEO expert in ODesk (now Upwork).

I was started my desired teaching career in September 2015, as an SEO trainer in BITM. In May 2016, I expanded my teaching career as an Affiliate Marketing Trainer BITM under SEIP.

As a renowned SEO trainer, I hold the success of my SEO training from September 2015 to until now. My expertise are mainly focused on the following-

-Niche & Keyword Research
-On-page Optimization
-Content Marketing
-Important Ranking factors and Off-page Optimization (BackLink)
-Google Search Console & Analytics
-Paid Online Marketing in a cost effective manner
-GMB (Google My Business) verification.
-1st page ranking on Google.
-YouTube video ranking on Google and YouTube.

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  2. Md Palash says:


  3. SipSaiful says:

    great… congrats

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    এতই যখন seo পারেন আপনার চ্যানেলর এই অবস্থা কেন.?

    • Md Palash says:

      mama tomar kothay agun laglo bujhay bolba jno ai 199 liker rao bujhte pare.

    • Md Faruk Khan says:

      জিনা ভাই, আমি SEO পারি না, সামান্য জ্ঞান আছে মাত্র। আর যতটুকু আছে ঐটাই চেষ্টা করি আমার মত নতুনদেরকে জানাতে। ধন্যবাদ আপনার মতামত দেয়ার জন্য।

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